Our Concept

AXIO, who is a specialist for Business IT solutions, designs and proposes information systems to you with the newest and the most suitable products.And AXIO supports the systems from construction and education to management and maintenance.

The information system that AXIO is planning.

must be the one:

- where human resources in charge of stereotype works conventionally,can be concentrated on other more creative works.
- where information can be commonly held horizontally, as well as vertically.
- where correct business actions can be decided with the acquired information, by its introduction.

And as the results:

- productivity must grow large enough corresponding the investment. AXIO proposes you the most suitable system, according to your plan, always considering the performance of your investment.

Then, AXIO

axio utilizes a solution effective for realization of TCO curtailment of a visitor for full, is effective and offers a reliable system.

  • Add Value
  • Up to now, AXIO has proposed various solutions to the customer as VAR Company.
    It is declared that it is an enterprise that will keep proposing the additional value in the product selection of the multi-vender risk, security, the usability, the performance, and management to the customer in the future as "Add Value".
  • Positive Security
  • It is neither allowed to access remotely as security countermeasures, PC is not taken out, and mistaking the means for the end in measures that the flow of workforce optimization is made to make no progress as the password is demanded by the attestation many times.
    AXIO proposes the security solution without what always ruins the usability and the operating effectiveness as "Positive Security" to the customer.

The origin of a company name and an emblem.

  • Origin
  • AXIO expresses a sense of values as AXIS (English) which means principal axes, such as development, movement, and instruction, and a main axis.
    It is the coined word generated from AXIOLOGY (English).It became the standard of the information society towards with future, and the meaning referred to as creating new value was put.
    The emblem developed reliability, advanced nature, and pliability to the concept.
    The high logo mark of readability is chosen, to X which imagines an axis, it is forcible, a profound style of handwriting is adopted, and combination with a small letter a is expressing pliability and advanced nature.
    Strength [ it gives a motion to the accent of i ] By carrying out a tone, the posture which carries out the whole body to the future is expressed.

Corporate color

  • Color
  • A corporate color is the deep green which the earth, environment, and nature were given, was deep and was refined. It becomes the combination of the dark gray showing intellect and creativity.
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